Crumble Architecture Magazine Issue One: ‘What is Urgent?’ Editorial

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This is not a magazine about architecture. It is a magazine that will make you question what qualifies as architecture and if that is even a useful or relevant question to ask.

Architecture sits at the meeting place of science and humanity, art and craft, everyday and extraordinary. And yet, architecture students are gradually becoming quite cut off from the world, with absurdly long working hours leaving them increasingly separated both culturally and physically. This magazine was driven by a desire to burst open the doors of this dusty barn, bringing the world streaming into architecture and architecture into the world.

As well as inviting former architects to contribute, many of the pieces in this magazine came out of a process of small group discussions which brought together students from a variety of disciplines, ages and nationalities to talk about architecture, As a result, the outcome is indebted to these fairly intangible conversations.

Crumble hopes to prove that architecture has the potential to draw together wildly different threads from life, weaving together stories, and projecting aspirations for the future, To this end, the provocation of this inaugural issue is What is urgent? This choice initially stemmed from the desire to engage architecture with finding solutions to the problems facing society today, proving its relevance and encouraging dialogue between people from a wide variety of disciplines, Some of the pieces clearly work towards this goal and others are a bit more meandering, but all of them go to show that architecture is a patchwork discipline, drawing its purpose and inspiration from everything around.

The notion of urgency somewhat obscures one of the essential points of this magazine, which is an emphasis of the importance of slowing down and giving time to think, listen and talk a midst a rapidly accelerating world. The choice to physically print our magazine was made to encourage you to absorb and consider the ideas contained within at a pace that won’t give you indigestion. We read things differently depending on whether they are on a screen or in our hands and, by printing this magazine, we hope that you will take the time to sit down in a nice place, perhaps outside on the grass in the sun, in order to enjoy what we’ve put together for you.

By developing an approach that is critical-propositional, the aim has been to not just criticise but also to suggest practical and useful ways forward. We’ve got lots of questions, but also some answers. Having said this, you may well disagree with some of what is said inside, some articles even contradict others, but this is for a reason. The point has been to air ideas and encourage conversations, not block out disagreement. The world is complicated. And you will all likely come away with different thoughts from reading this magazine, maybe you’ll even be impelled enough to express your ideas in our next issue, We hope so.

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